Skin Bleaching-Extreme Skin Lightening


20% Hydroquinone (Alternative) Cream 16oz.

Get 5 to 7 Shades Lighter 

This is a very Potent Cream!

Now you can lighten your entire body

Start Seeing Results within 7 Days

20% Hydroquinone (Alternative) is only for people who want Dramatic Skin Lighting Results


This product contains a powerful penetrating enhancer that carries the Hydroquinone (Alternative) deep into the Skin cells to stop the production of Melanin and quickly lighten the skin. 

**Free Gift 2oz. of Salicylic Acid Peel (Valued at $60.00)to help further Accelerate your Skin Lightening Process**

20% Hydroquinone (Alternative)

(2 oz.-USA Buyers Only!!)

2 oz.     $49.00



(16 oz.-For All Buyers: Shipping Worldwide!!!)

16oz.  $199.00






Always Free Shipping

Results Seen within 7 Days


20% Hydroquinone (Alternative) Cream for your entire body and our company gives you 16oz. Most skin lightening creams only give 2% or at most 4% Hydroquinone with just 2oz. Well our company knows that 4% is not enough for the lightening effect some clients want. We are dedicated to giving you Real Results, Fast!! Our Extreme Skin Lightening cream is Very Potent!! Results are seen in as little as 7 Days! You can’t find a stronger Skin lightening product on the Market. This product contains a Powerful Deep Penetrating Enhancer that carries the Hydroquinone deep into the skin cell to stop the production of Melanin and quickly lighten your skin.

We Are An American Company. We only Sell the Highest Quality Products!

Made in the USA

IMPORTANT Things You need to Know:

You will need to avoid all contact with the sun while using this product.

You must not use the full strength of this product when you first receive it. This product is too strong for most skin types. You will need to dillute the 20% Hydroquinone (Alternative) by mixing it with regular lotion and gradually increase the potency.

Get Results Like This in 7 Days:



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